Is your art ready to be printed?

Not all images are print-ready. Some you will find are much too small to be printed on anything and would turn out blurry. To avoid this follow these guidelines:

    • Artwork should be saved at 300 DPI, this is the most optimal resolution for printing.
    • Be sure that your artwork has a transparent background, our design tools can remove solid colors, but you may find that it can remove too much. Please inspect prior to submitting your artwork.
    • If these concepts seem foreign to you our staff may be able to help!

Need expert help with your printing project?

Our expert staff is available to guide you through the custom printing process. They can help you with selecting the right printing method, color and size selection, and design review as well. It’s like having a team of designers behind you and your order. Contact us today with your design questions so we can ensure you get the finished garments that you’re looking for.